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Professional Member CTRS Voting $150.00:  Individuals who are Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists as certified by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC). Individuals are required to submit a valid NCTRC certification number.

Professional Member Voting $75.00:  Individuals who have graduated with a diploma/baccalaureate degree in Therapeutic Recreation/Recreation Therapy or in Recreation/Leisure Services with a concentration/major in Therapeutic Recreation.

Affiliate Voting $75.00:  Individuals who have been practicing for a substantial period of time (15 years+) with other health related diploma or baccalaureate degree titles and meet the classification criteria as used previously from NSRPH. This category will close in 2025.

Student Non-Voting $30.00 (2 years):  Individuals currently pursuing baccalaureate degree or diploma in Therapeutic Recreation or Recreation/Leisure Studies/Leisure Services with a concentration/major in Therapeutic Recreation.

Emeritus Non-Voting $ 50.00:  Retired Members.


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