How was NSTRA Formed?

The Nova Scotia Therapeutic Recreation Association was formed after the Therapeutic Recreation Association of Atlantic Canada (TRAAC) & the Nova Scotia Recreation Professionals in Health (NSRPH) dissolved and their members joined together to launch NSTRA. With one united voice, the Nova Scotia Therapeutic Recreation Association launched April 1st, 2018.

When should I renew my membership?

The membership year runs from September 1st, until August 31st. We currently do not offer discounted rates for becoming members part way through the membership year, however in April 2019, we offered a discounted rate for NEW members as we prepared to submit for licensure. Individuals that were members of TRAAC &/ NSRPH at the time of dissolution received their first year of membership with NSTRA for free, September 1st, 2019 being the first renewal date. NSTRA is currently not offering combined membership with CTRA, as the membership dates do not align. You can still get the discounted rate from CTRA for being a provincial member of NSTRA.

What are the NSTRA Zones, and what do they do?

NSTRA has 6 zones throughout the province. They are: Northeastern, South Shore, Southwest, Valley, Cape Breton, and Central. Each zone has a representative that sits on the NSTRA board, and a subcommittee. The zone representatives will schedule meetings with members in their area to provide updates and information about the work of the board and to bring issues from their area to board meetings. As well, zone representatives organize different events, networking opportunities and educational opportunities in your area.

Why is the professional membership CTRS fee more than the other membership fees?

The professional membership CTRS fee includes an earmarked amount to be contributed to the licensure efforts. The professional membership CTRS fee is $150, of that $75 is put into the licensure funds.

What is NSTRA currently focused on?

In May 2019, alongside the leadership of Thinking Cap, we held a Strategic Planning Session to develop goals and a plan for NSTRA 2019-2022. Here are the 6 goals that evolved from the session:

1. Educate therapeutic recreation professionals in Nova Scotia on benefits and impact of licensure. 

2. Relieve burden in the system by advocating for “activity prescription” and recreation therapy service. 

3. Lead advocacy for the use of qualified Therapeutic Recreation professionals. 

4. Increase membership engagement and recruitment. 

5. Develop and implement a marketing and promotions campaign. 

6. Engage stakeholders and increase awareness & understanding of Therapeutic Recreation. 

NSTRA is looking for volunteers interested in joining sub committees. Please email if you are interested in assisting us through the next phases of development.

how can i get involved?

If you are interested in volunteering your time with the board, please email to get more information on joining a board position, or joining a sub-committee (marketing, advocacy, licensure), or assisting with other tasks the board may need assistance with.